Hello, and welcome to the official Dingus Boys Gaming website.

You’ve caught us a bit off guard just now. We’re still trying to pull up our pants and button our shirts and I’ve lost my belt again and have you seen my wallet? Who can make a complete site when they haven’t even dressed for the day?!

…What’s that? You say “plenty” of web designers develop sites in their underwear? Well, I…! That’s an absurd thing to say! Why are you envisioning such a thing, putting that image out into the world? Leave web designers alone! If they want to wear underwear, that’s their business! …erm…

I forget myself. We’re still working on the site. However, we have a nice mailing list over there just waiting for you to sign up. Why don’t you subscribe? We’ll tell you all about what Dingus-esque things we’ve got in the works, including our plans for the weekly livestream, what sorts of games we’ll be playing, our crappy opinions and socialist propaganda, and more!

More? But you’ve already said so much!

Shush. You’ll like this stuff. It’s polite and small, and only shows up once a year anyway. It’s our ANNUAL CHARITY LIVESTREAM and it’s here to ROCK YOUR FACE. We raise money for the Cancer Research Institute, an excellent organization which gives a very large percentage of its proceeds (85%!!) to productive research programs. Golly!

This year, we’ll be playing Demon’s Souls, which is just, wow, holy crap how exciting.

Check out our Twitch page to tune in, and be sure to sign up for our mailing list to receive reminders! The fate of the world depends on it!

Are you finished talking yet?

No >:-(

Finally, you can reach us at eg@dingusboys.com and nick@dingusboys.com, if you REALLY want to. We’ll answer questions and tolerate trolling and all kinds of delightful stuff, so please, PLEASE talk to us!

Okay. Now I’m done.